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The client portal is a secure online service where clients of B M Howarth can exchange messages and documents with us. This service offers a GDPR compliant replacement for standard emails. When Making Tax Digital comes into effect in April 2019, the client portal will also be used for the submission of VAT returns and can be fully integrated with Sage One and Quickbooks. Please speak to your client manager for more information.

This guide will explain how to use the secure client portal.

1. Activation

2. Navigating The Portal

3. Messages & Documents


Once you have been setup for the portal you will receive an activation email which will look like this:

Click on the link and you will be taken to the below screen where you will need to enter your activation code. The activation code is simply our client code for you which is held on our systems. Please speak to your contact at B M Howarth if you do not have this already.

Next, set your own password. Be sure to pay attention to the criteria (shown below).

Once you have set a password, you will be prompted to set two security questions which can be used to reset your password if required in the future. Please try to pick questions to which only you know the answers. This will help to protect your account from unauthorised access.

That's it! you are now setup and ready to begin using our secure client portal. Keep scrolling to learn more about sending/receiving messages with B M Howarth Ltd.

Navigating The Portal

Once you activated and logged in for the first time you will see the screen below. This is the main home screen. At first there will only be the Messages & Documents tile but later on other tiles will become available also. 

If you have more than one business with B M Howarth then you can access those also through one login. Simply click the drop-down menu in the top right of the screen. (See below)

To send/receive messages with B M Howarth Ltd just click on the Messages & Documents tile as shown below.

Messages & Documents

This feature enables you to send/receive messages and attachments with B M Howarth Ltd in a completely secure and GDPR compliant manner. The idea is that this service will replace email as a primary means of communication going forward. To begin, click on the Messages & Documents tile. You can see in the screenshot below that there is 1 unread message waiting. It also shows that this message has 1 new document attached.

After clicking on the Unread message button you will be taken to the screen below, next just click on the message you wish to view. In this example there is only 1 message anyway. You can see already who the message is from and when it was sent. Once you open the message, you can view/download any attached files and reply if you wish.